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Why Jason Burrill Won Big Brother UK 2016

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Another public vote has divided the nation, well those who care. I don’t usually watch reality shows, but as I had two friends (very bizarre) who were contestants I decided to watch it to support them, or at least to see things so I could defend them. I say contestants because it is a reality game show and that’s what people forget. Jason Burrill won over the favorite Hughie, because the public that could be bothered to vote understood the game and who played it well. The game show is a a test of psychological endurance to see who can survive without cracking—it is not a popularity contest or one where the poorest people deserve to win so they can have some money to pay their debts or to bring up a child.

Jason was pushed and tested (living with a psycho ex can’t have been easy) and he stayed strong most of the time. The problem is many of his former housemates and the disappointed public didn’t see that was the point of the game, and not to merely entertain. Others ranted and raved, said and did stupid things and while Jason may have been accused of boring, he is wise enough to know that everything is taped and could come back on him. Some of the younger housemates may have to live with what they have said and done for the rest of their lives, and those video clips will come back to haunt them. Some have accused him of watching the show before and had planned what to do—again that is what sensible and intelligent people do so that they know what to expect. Why would you go somewhere unprepared, and these comments indicate that some people are not that bright. I mean would you travel to China and not look up what the rules are and what to expect before you get there? Only a fool would opt not to.

If anything Jason has proved that the honest underdog can win. He cooked and cleaned; everyone needs to eat, and being clean is not a crime, but a basic necessity (of health and dignity) that the younger ones failed to grasp. Criticizing him for that earns no respect. His former housemates maybe shocked that the public voted for him, but what that says is that most of them were completely deluded about what the public perceived, and what they deemed appropriate behavior. The sense of entitlement from most of them appears to be atypical of the recent generation. I have news for them—you don’t deserve things, you go out and earn things and Jason earned the respect of many. Few people could sit and be verbally abused by what can only be described as bitter, spiteful, and unintelligent people and hold their tongue in a dignified manner because that was the nature of the task (courtroom task). Yes, he said he was going to snap and that is a normal reaction, and indeed I think Big Brother went too far on that occasion and they realized that a bit too late. Hence why they may not have asked him to leave when he damaged the room or tried to escape; they knew that they were culpable.

Hughie who was runner up will do well, but what he gained from being in the house in terms of learning about people and life was worth more then the prize money, and he has become richer in more ways from the experience. While he was innocent and endearing at times, he was rude, aggressive, and disrespectful at the same time. People tend to remember the bad things more than the good. Ultimately most of the contestants went in to gain fame, and will make the most of the round up of tabloids and magazines that will interview them—however, I doubt it will last long. The best contestant won, and it wasn’t about the money or how entertaining they were, but it was how he survived survive the Big Brother experience.

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