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What’s Happening In The World In May 2016?

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This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the USA, and is a Bank Holiday in the UK. It’s the time of year that everyone expects the summer to actually begin, and people stock up on barbecue foods, and dig out their camping and hiking gear.

However, for many the world is still in turmoil; only a few days ago another airplane (EgyptAir 804) went missing. The wreckage has been discovered, but the black boxes have yet to be located. The question everyone is wondering is whether it was an aviation accident, or an act of terrorism? Security alerts are on high worldwide, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

What we have to remember is that life goes on; people will still work for a living, others will lose jobs, couples will get married, and children will grow up to develop their own generation. I look back at my generation and the difference I can see in the subsequent ones. Each generation is theoretically supposed to have it easier, and it does seem to be the case.

While people depend on the internet for nearly everything these days, are humans forgetting about actual interactions and human skills, rather than developing web skills? My father went to the ATM to draw out cash, but it had run out of cash, however, the machine still debited his account. He was assured by staff it would be rectified and that they would call or write to him to confirm this. A week later, there was nothing, and as 76-year-old man, doesn’t want or trust online banking. I visited the branch to follow up things, only to be told that my father should have checked online himself. This was from a young person who a) had few social skills, and b) no concept that it was the responsibility of the bank to rectify errors and not the duty of the customer. If this is an indication of the current generation, what hope is there for the next one?

I do believe in freedom of beliefs, and speech to an extent (because not everyone wants to hear your opinions, but you are free to hold your own beliefs), but it does come back to the widespread actions of online trolls, spammers, and egotistical beings who think they are right.

I deleted a comment on a personal blog of mine, because the person insulted and attacked me for an opinion. Expressing your own view is fine, but not to insult someone. What makes me smile is that they obviously weren’t particularly bright, because who would approve a post that attacks you? Why bother posting (thus wasting your time and effort) on something that you know will be marked as spam and deleted? Sadly, some people don’t think, but maybe their ego is bigger than their brain?


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