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Whatever Happened To Loyalty And Morals?

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It’s been an eventful September so far with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing (no surprise, 12 years to realize a mistake?), Paul Hollywood has been nicknamed ‘Judas’ for taking the dough with the move of The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 (while Mary Berry has decided to remain loyal to the BBC), and the agreed cease fire in Syria failed as UN aid trucks were bombed. There seems to be little in the way of ethics, morality, or loyalty in the world today.

On the technological side, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled due some handsets setting on fire, and the latest Apple iPhone 7 is now waterproof and has done way with the traditional headphone jack, and has brought out Bluetooth Ear Pods. It maybe cutting edge, but comes at a rather hefty price hike,

With the run up to Black Friday and Christmas, retailers are getting ready for a make or break time again, but with the world economy on tenterhooks, how many companies will make it through to next year?

My two cents worth for the first few topics discussed:

  • Brad Pitt seems to be better off out of the marriage. Many were waiting for it to happen in any case, and it’s better to end things quietly and amicably. Sometimes it takes a while to admit a mistake.
  • It was no surprise Paul Hollywood took the deal with Channel 4 for the money, as simply I doubt there were many other offers. He is taking what he can while he is in the public eye knowing offers will dry out, as the other three were already established (Mel, Sue, and Mary) and he was the unknown. I’m sure he knows his popularity will crumble, and success isn’t only about money, but if the public want you. Expect his branded bread mixes to be in the bargain bin soon.
  • Syria is a world problem now, but it seems to be the world against Syria while the citizens suffer with no home and deaths. The question is how can the world help? They can take in all the refugees, but what does that solve? It gives them some hope, but at the same time it impacts lives of the host countries culturally and socially at a time when things are already strained. Rebuilding Syria looks like mission impossible, and as refugees are supposed to return to their country when they can, it looks like many families will have to relocate. Is this fair when countries already have citizens who are homeless or are on the breadline? Should refugees be given preferential treatment over others? If the money to help them can be found, then why wasn’t this used to help the poor, starving, and homeless already?

To top things off, Yahoo have announced they have discovered after two years that 500 million Yahoo accounts could have had their information stolen. I have several Yahoo email accounts and never thought they were secure as there was so much spam that got through. Now Iceland the country, wants to stop Iceland Foods from being able to use the term Iceland even though it owns the trademark in the EU. There is no precedent in IP law that allows the name of a country to be copyrighted, and the main standard is if there is a likelihood of confusion—so far no one in 45 years has been confused between the country and the frozen good supermarket.

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