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Thoughts And Reflections In An Unstable Time

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Typically this is a weekend may people look forward to—in the UK it’s a late May Bank Holiday, and in the USA it’s Memorial Day weekend. There is the FA Cup final and is a time where people dust off their barbecues. Instead, the world is marred by the recent Manchester bombing, and the increasing instability of the current American government. Some may say it’s stable and a change was needed, but if you take a look at the NATO leaders at the recent meeting, their faces show contempt and concern, for as a world, humanity needs to work together.

May has been an eventful month, and one historians just can’t believe that they are living through a pivotal moment in history. The word impeachment was banded around  #45 since the moment it was announced he had won the election, and now it’s a matter of when rather than if.  Before the results there was scandal surrounding the campaign and whether Comey was a GOP puppet. James Comey, who IMHO did play a role in the election results was unceremoniously fired by #45 when he pursued the Russian investigation. You only have to read the termination letter to see that it lacked the dignity and professionalism that a leader should have. Now the previous former FBI Director, Robert Mueller has been reigned in as a special counsel to oversee the allegations of what is known as the ‘Russian Problem’, which some see as good, and others see as pointless. He has a real and important ob to do; it wasn’t whisked out of thin air like Ivanka’s ‘job’, which the world is still confused about. What does she actually do, and if she can uproot her children from New York and change schools, why can’t Melania? Then you have the recent shove/push at the NATO meeting when the Montenegro leader was pushed aside by #45, and it wasn’t just the action, but the manner of the shove and the intent behind it. It was rude, inappropriate, and not what protocol dictates or how Americans expect to be represented abroad.

The Manchester bombing highlights again that culturally there are difficult issues in society; the idea that multinationalism and globalization is positive has been crushed through sectors of society who feel displaced and react with terrorism. I do feel globalization is good for humanity; it allows for cultures to work together and races to learn from one another. You can’t stop it, but you can control it and be sensitive to its effects. Sometimes corporate competition threatens local businesses, immigration and migration may mean jobs aren’t as plentiful, gender equality is expected, and those barriers to racism are gradually being broken down. It’s difficult to be a bystander watching how people behave and being part of society at the same time.

Fundamentally, humans are generally simple; they want to be happy, safe, to have a job they enjoy, enough money to feed themselves, and to be loved. It seems simple, yet somehow humanity makes it complicated. Why? Greed, envy, selfishness, and hatred perhaps, but why do people feel this way. Perhaps we’ll never know, but until people can control those negative traits, I wonder if there is hope for humanity? The world should be progressing, but is it? I can’t help but feel trapped in a world that has potential, but is instead destroying itself without even knowing it.This is reality, and unlike the golden episode of Dallas, it’s not a dream, but a nightmare society wishes would be over.

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