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The World In November 2016

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November has been a strange month—but where did all this bullying, and hate speak come from, and is it a coincidence it has risen since Trump became the President-Elect? Those those in power are using the world as a big playground and threaten people and countries when they don’t get what they want. People are bullying each other on social media—even alleged professionals. I don’t see how they can consider themselves professional when they air slurs, accusations, name calling, and threats when they hear things they don’t like. Discuss and air your grievances behind closed doors!

Fidel Castro died (but he was 90 so no big surprise there); Trump, so far has been named President-Elect, but stranger things may happen to overturn that; Black Friday now seems to span nearly a fortnight and doesn’t have such great bargains; The Green Party have called for a recount in some US states and have raised public funds to cover the costs; the alt right think bullying is when others say things they don’t like or approve of; and others are claiming Obama is gay and still isn’t an American citizen, his kids are adopted, and the White House wasn’t built by slaves, despite the proof that handwritten documents show payment made to slave masters, and that in the era, nearly all buildings and manual work was done by slaves.

I have to admit it has made me laugh, not because it is funny, but that people will put their name to comments that make them look foolish. The ‘alt right’ which is another name for the far right extremists (akin to Neo-Nazism) seem to have become more vocal since the rise of Trump, however, what statements they are coming out with borders on playground bullying, and idiocy. They accuse the cast of Hamilton: An American Musical, of bullying Pence; bullying is defined as attacking another through prejudice to cause harm for no reason. There was no bullying (no harm, no attacks), but one could question whether it was appropriate. Pence did not consider it bullying and he was free to walk away as he did. If he didn’t (and was there) then why on earth are right-winged people (who weren’t there) claiming it is bullying when the person involved said it wasn’t?

Another thing made me laugh when they someone tried to convince others that Melania Trump was smarter compared to Michelle Obama. Well, I give her this; she married well, but had been looking for a meal ticket since her teens. With the imminent vote recounts in some states, it has stirred up more of a divide; Trump could oppose them, but if he has nothing to hide why would he, and audits are normal? If the ability to apply for a recount is on the table, then candidates have a choice to request one, and that is what has happened. As for The White House and other Democrats throwing in what they think, they should remember the people who want and support the action are funding the recount. Regardless, the recount will go ahead. Personally I don’t see the harm to double check figures, and while some say it disturbs the smooth transition of power, let us not delude ourselves that it will be smooth in any shape or form. I’m slightly amused by the playground behavior of the Trump camp who say if Clinton supports a recount then Trump will indict her in retaliation. It’s worrying that these people have no idea that what they say (and publish on social media) looks childish and foolish, besides looking unprofessional.

I see more of a divide and hate going on in the world, and while social media does give everyone a voice, at times that is not wise when utter nonsense is published. However, that is called freedom of speech, but how many know what is truth and utter fabrication? While war still carries on in Syria, Turkey threatens to send in immigrants and refugees into Europe if the EU stops talks regarding their joining of the EU. I wonder if the world has gone mad at times. It’s Cyber Monday, with a few bargains left, but are they real bargains or hype? I indulged in a bargain, but my mailbox was still flooded with half-baked offers trying to tempt me. People love free gifts, but it’s the discount that matters, and not a free candle, or diary if you buy ‘now’. There are a few that still get tempted, though not I!

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