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The End Of British Summer Time

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October 30 sees the end of British Summer Time where the clocks go back and hour at 2 a.m., enabling an extra hour of sleep. It’s been a strange month where #Marmitegate rears its head again where one supermarket (Morrisons) has raised the price of a 250 g jar by 12.5 percent to £2.64 from £2.35, whereas other stores are still offering the lower normal price.

The Clinton email scandal was also reopened, but is this just hot air? The timing is bad with less than 10 days to go before the election, and was it even responsible to declare the case reopened when the Director of the FBI admits he doesn’t actually know if the emails are pertinent. One should only announce something public when they are fully aware of the facts. Sadly it just shows incompetence and unprofessionalism, and one can’t forget the mishandling of the evidence with San Bernardino shooting where the iPhone got locked because someone attempted the wrong codes.

Billy Bush got fired from NBC and looks as if he will leave New York and return to California pretty quickly. What of Trump? People may excuse his behavior as locker room banter, but it doesn’t make him a gentleman.

As Halloween is upon us again, has it become too commercial? The stores are full of pumpkins, and garnished with the burnt shades of autumn leaves. Boxes of sweets, and biscuits for the festive season adorn the shelves, with gift sets piled up high in every corner. I’m just glad there is online shopping now, so I can find what I need without trying to navigate displays blocking the aisles. Roll on Christmas, and Black Friday!


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