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The End of 2017 ~ A Long and Tiring year

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There’s just a few days left in 2017 and I still haven’t started ‘War and Peace’ although I am more than half way through ‘Resurrection’ which is enjoyable, but one simply has to be in the right frame of mind for Tolstoy.

I don’t think it’s possible to sum up 2017 in a short article, but I am glad that WW III has not happened, although it will one day, but hopefully after I have gone. It’s been a year of political squabbles, cyber hacking, North Korea, rigged elections, Russian interference, Brexit, #45, Mueller, Prince Harry and his engagement (I doubt it will last), terrorist bombings, Syria, and climate change.

What I hope for is that Syria will resolve its issues, but I feel so much of the country has been destroyed and the natives will have nothing to return to; that terrorism is halted at source and that means stricter laws to protect society even if it means the curbing of some freedoms; that Brexit negotiations are fair and that the media get on board and support the government, and that Mueller will file charges against all those who have been complicit in interfering in the 2016 election.

With more evidence of climate change happening, I hope that those who have the power to do something act now. Some say it’s too late, and perhaps it is, but that doesn’t mean one should give up. What about nature and the animals it affects? We have a duty to prevent animals and plants from extinction. The survival of the fittest doesn’t really apply when humans destroy for profit as it’s not a fair fight.

I don’t wish to dwell too much on the proposed royal wedding in May 2018, but as it’s the same day as the FA cup final, you can guarantee most people will be watching the latter. Pubs will be packed, people will have beers on ice, boxes of pizza, or tubs of take out food lined up and some even a barbecue if the weather is good enough. Shopping malls will be empty, cafes without a television will be too, and for a Saturday the supermarkets will be quiet. They always are when there is a cup final or if England are playing. The only people out are usually the ethnic groups who don’t support England or understand football, or tourists. Many years ago I worked in retail, and when an important match was on, the store was empty after lunchtime. I also used to work at events at Wembley including the finals, and it’s chaos where people have planned their day from the morning, where to eat to which pub they will end up at in the evening. To be honest given the recent backlash, the wedding may never take place as it hasn’t even been approved. How can someone claiming to be a humanitarian and who wishes to dedicate their life to charity work wear a £56K gown (inappropriate in any case, gowns are strictly for after 6pm or a ball) for an engagement photo and be taken seriously? I think the royal family have learned their lesson after Diana and Sarah, and will be more cautious.

Is North Korea a real threat or have they been provoked too much and need to show their strength to get others to back off? Why is the USA taking it upon themselves to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel when it is not their decision to make? The fate of Jerusalem has been ongoing for decades, but it’s not a matter for the USA to interfere in.

This year has also seen more First World War centenary commemorations as the world reflects on how a generation was wiped out by war. With advanced technology,  people can trace their lost ancestors and their final resting places, although many will remain unmarked but not forgotten. I would like war to be a thing of the past, but I know in reality it will always exist, yet I live in hope that negotiations, can avert war and that somehow all cultures regardless of differences can find a way to live peacefully or at least to accept compromises. I’m hoping for a quiet 2018, but with it comes a Blue Moon at the end of January, and that means things will get shaken up.

*Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

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