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Supernatural Shows: Real or Fiction?

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You don’t have to be a geek to have heard of these shows; Supernatural, Haven, The Tomorrow People, Charmed and Grimm to name a few. The popularity of these shows grows with cult followings as people want to believe there is something more out there. But do you believe as Fox Mulder would say and most of these plots do come from the eccentric and vivid fantasies of writers, yet their influence is rooted in ancient myths and folklore. Inspired by stories and legends, we want to believe that it is possible for some of these things to happen. The news of the revival of The X-Files and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks comes at a time where more people are accepting that the Supernatural is possible. The classic cult shows will rekindle fond memories of the generation who originally followed the series and will also have a new generation of followers.

If you were to have Supernatural powers, you would hide them so people don’t think you are a freak or worse still, be kept for testing by the government laboratories. There are some people with unique abilities, freaks of nature so it can and does happen, but I imagine they are protected and maybe like the X-Men, keep a low profile. The fascination is that there is more out there, but people require proof. How can there ever be any discernible proof? When proof is offered or shown, the naysayers still will always find a reason to debunk it. Are there really monsters, vampires and ghosts? Does Bigfoot really exist? There are people who are witches, though whether their powers can be scientifically proven who knows?

The genre is here to stay and is profitable not only in fiction, television shows, films, and fan conventions. It has also made stars out of the actors, writers and producers. Actors want to be involved, knowing the chances of good exposure will be financially beneficial and also good for their profiles. But do people take it a step too far and believe in things, or maybe some of the plots are based on true stories and experiences? I think some may have been toned down, because there are so many unexplained events throughout history, but you don’t want to scare the audience too much, but enough to keep them curious to gain a loyal following and to make sure the show gets renewed.

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