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Some June Musings…

Posted in World Affairs

There are more questions than logical answers that I pose here, but what is the world coming to?

  • Hilary Clinton has secured enough votes to be the Democratic Presidential Candidate, yet Sanders continues. Surely the aim of the Democrats (a true one) would be to keep the Republicans out?
  • How Manchester United justified signing a new manager (José Mourinho) while the current manager Louis van Gaal, was lifting a trophy? Not only did they break a contract, Louis van Gaal found out he was sacked via the media. What happened to professionalism?
  • Euro 2016 starts, and people are surprised that there are terror threats? They will be ongoing as it is a prime target. If anything if reinforces the need for border controls and checks.
  • The government website for people to register to vote for the EU referendum crashed two hours before the deadline to register. They blame unprecedented demand—it doesn’t take a genius to know that it would be potentially busier than normal.
  • Brock Turner, a convicted rapist and ex-Stanford student being given a light sentence despite being found guilty of three charges by a jury. It questions the judicial system when a Judge allows their own feelings to pass the lightest sentence possible for a crime.


And finally the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard public divorce—people should remember this is a civil case, and thus should be behind closed doors. Some facts and thoughts to ponder:

  • Heard has not filed a police report, nor did the police file (no cause to) one because that then becomes a criminal case where if a party is found to have falsified evidence, they can be charged with perjury.
  • Any evidence should be used in a court and not leaked to the media. The fact that Heard’s legal team do not oppose the leaked documents suggest they were planned. Anyone who guards their privacy would object.
  • Depp has stated he wants a quick resolution, and may have offered financially what he is obliged to give, which is not the same as what Heard wants.
  • Perhaps Depp’s dignified silence is because he knows there is no evidence against him because the allegations are false? A guilty person would settle, an innocent one stands up for himself.
  • Why didn’t Heard’s legal team get her injuries verified by a medial professional? Photos can be doctored, as can texts.
  • The doctored texts may have been taken out of context. When people defend themself it is not violence, as a person has a right to defense with reasonable force. In addition, Heard’s texts were remarkably grammatically correct to the use of commas and ellipses used. Only writers or editors know how many are supposed to be used, and people write texts as if they are talking, as people do not talk in sentences or use parentheses when they are angry or upset.
  • A witness must be present at the scene; being on the other end of a phone doesn’t count as they cannot see or hear what is really going on unless it was a video call. Heard’s witnesses are weak and flawed. If she really wanted a witness, she should have gone to an ER and got a doctor to verify her injuries.
  • A defamation suit against unnamed people is likely of get thrown out of court, because they need to have either said in public or written in public something that defamed you. You cannot sue people who haven’t said anything yet, but on the premise that they will potentially.

In all, the case is about money; Heard wants as much as she can get. The tactics used by her lawyers put them to shame by stating they had been merciful by not serving him at the premiere of his latest film. They could serve him at breakfast time, at home, or whenever, so it was a ploy to embarrass him. The temporary restraining order is also for show, as it was requested when Depp had left the country for work already. Not only does Heard look foolish and desperate, so does her legal team. Maybe they have been watching too many soap operas?

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