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Sir Nicholas Winton Dies At 106

Posted in Spotlight on Humanity

An incredible man who saved the live of over 669 children from what was then Czechoslovakia, died today aged 106 before World War II broke out.He was a true humanitarian who meticulously planned how to evacuate the children before the borders were closed and his family put up a bond for the children by making an agreement with the British government paying a warranty of £50  that they would return to their homeland once the war was over.

It was due to this guarantee that allowed the children to cross the closed off borders in the Netherlands, otherwise many would have died. Sadly, the last scheduled train on September 1,1939 did not leave as war broke out and those children did not survive.

In addition he and his family and friends found homes for all these children, many who had never met him until Esther Rantzen reunited the survivors with him on ‘That’s Life’, a program that traced all the rescued children and brought them all together.He had never told anyone until his wife found in the attic an old book with all the names written in it.Knighted in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II for his humanitarian work and awarded the Order of the White Lion (the highest honor) in the Czech Republic in 2014, he sets an example for humanity to follow.

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