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Leaving The EU Is The Only Sensible Choice

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stay-british-and-leave-the-euIn the UK there was always the North/South divide, but now it’s been the Remain/Leave divide. In the past few months, each side has been campaigning, some with facts and others with hypothetical scaremongering. I held off writing about this until now, but my views have never wavered. Ever since I learnt about the EEC (back then) in my teens, I could see the flaws in the system and opposed it. Things have become worse as my life has progressed, and the British public has paid the price of trusting the EU bureaucrats. Yes, some Prime Ministers made mistakes, but they admitted it and tried to rectify things, and others didn’t, leaving it to the next party to sort out.

The tragic death of the MP Jo Cox does indicate that immigration and migration are issues that affect the social and economic structure of Britain, and not in a positive way. The fact is leaving the EU and regaining control of the laws of the land is more important and long lasting than the economic arguments the ‘remain’ camp use as their foundation.


Economy ~ The UK does not have the Euro and so won’t be impacted upon leaving. I heard Sadiq Khan say that prices will get lower if we remain, but how can they get lower; surely they will stay the same? If the UK does leave then the country no longer has to impose VAT and may increase taxes, but it will be less than the current VAT rate, and that money goes back into the country and not into the EU to support less well off countries. Leaving the EU enables the UK to take control of the country, and economically there can be world recessions regardless of whether the UK is in the EU or not. Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus, and Greece have all suffered economically being in and remaining in the EU, while Italy has been on the brink of suffering for many years. They had no choice, but to remain as they were tied to the Euro, but the UK has a choice.

Law ~ Currently EU law supersedes UK domestic law if a law applies. When the remain camp says there are few EU laws, that is false, because if there is no applicable EU law, people turn to the Human Rights Act. The UK has fought against laws that don’t suit the country, and they shouldn’t have to. In the early days of the union, there were few imposing laws, whereas today they dominate trade and cultural aspects of life. The EU employment and trading laws have changed the fabric of society; the working week is longer for the same pay (workers lost overtime payments, and now must work weekends), and the law for part time and seasonal workers to get holiday pay has been manipulated. People didn’t get more money; companies simply reduced the wage and made up the difference as holiday pay.

Migration and immigration ~ The UK lost the ability to control migration numbers due to Blair’s government, and the free movement and rapid expansion of the EU in the past decade. It has placed a burden on welfare and social services, especially benefits and the NHS, which cannot afford or cope with an unexpected and immediate population boom. The argument that businesses cannot survive without workers is flawed; they pay migrant workers less to make more profit. If they paid a living wage they could find local workers. When a person gets more on benefits than a full time job on a migrant’s pay then you can see why people can’t work. Consider why so many migrants come to the UK to work; it’s because the EU and Euro system in their own countries isn’t working.

Enables crime ~ Free movement also enables crime and terrorism, because an EU passport allows people into the UK without having to register or say why they are coming to the country. Those with criminal records in other EU countries will not have them passed to the UK authorities, and it has enabled people trafficking in human slavery and prostitution. These people cannot be traced as there is no record of them, even if they enter the country legally. They have no birth certificate, National Insurance number, or are on the electoral roll. Protecting the borders and monitoring who enters the country is important to the safety of the UK.

Employment ~ Some companies threaten to leave, but that’s because they have tax benefits, so it’s about profit. They can stay and pay proper taxes,  like other companies.The young cite they love the freedom of being able to work anywhere, but is the chance of a casual summer job or to work for a couple of years worth a lifetime of not being able to control the laws of the land? Only a short sighted unintelligent person would think like that, because one needs to think long term. Work permits and visas are possible, and they aren’t difficult to get if you are qualified. As for travel, many countries don’t need visas as they have reciprocal agreements, so that isn’t even an argument the remain camp can use. If you need a visa, then you apply to get one, as you have to for Russia, China, and other countries. The choice you make is not for the next couple of years, but for future generations.

Trade ~ Trading tariffs with other countries can be negotiated easily and favorably—Norway and Switzerland have done so for many years, so there is no reason why the UK cannot. The EU subsidies that certain industries get will be stopped, but the money saved by not contributing to the EU can be used to help those industries instead.

The UK contributes more to the EU than it receives in benefits. The EU wants the UK to remain, because otherwise there will be a deficit in the EU coffers with no UK contribution. There is no doubt that leave is the wise and sensible choice, otherwise why would people have called for the referendum? The people had concerns, but my fear is the masses do not fully understand the implications of the referendum and what it really means. They only want to see less tax, no pay cuts, and less hassle if they want to travel to a European country to go on holiday. Is that a good basis to make a decision on the future of how a country is run? There is a need to regain control of the country and the ability to govern and keep it safe. That is the wise and sensible thing to do.



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