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January 2018…So Far

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It’s the middle of January and so how has the New Year started off? We left 2017 in a bit of a mess and sadly it seems to be continuing. More goings on in the White House as Steve Bannon denounces Trump, and ‘Fire and Fury’ a book about Trump and his inability to govern comes out by Michael Wolff. Then to to top off the cake, Bannon is subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury in relation to the ‘Russian affair’ and let’s face it, once your fire someone any loyalty there once was has long gone. Expect him to throw the whole administration under the bus!

Nature has recently been in the news with fires, landslides, and snow bombs and that’s all in the USA. The thing is, no one can prevent these natural acts, you can try and prepare, but it should make us (the human race) more humble in the eyes of nature and realize the power it has. I think people forget that, especially those who claim climate change doesn’t exist.

Microbeads are coming to an end, where many countries have banned production and also distribution in certain products. However, that doesn’t mean the problem is over as some particles will remain in the food chain when washed away. It leads to the problem of plastic and how to dispose of it. While I know many people prefer to use glass, plastic is a convenience plus is also safer for children and the elderly to use. People who say they will never use plastic and judge those who do need to remember it’s not just about them but others. Having seen some elderly relatives drop glass bottles because they can no longer grip things and who get upset, plastic is much better for them and also helps preserve their independence. Glass is messy  and dangerous for those who can’t clear it up as well, so those who judge, think about the old lady with arthritis who drops a glass and who can’t then clear it up and gets embarrassed and upset.

I have a friend who is adamant home schooling is the way to go, and while I admit in some cases it is better for some children it should be a last resort or because it’s in the best interests of a particular child. The ongoing Turpin case in Perris, California highlights why home schooling isn’t a good idea. The parents, David and Louise had 13 children and kept them captive and chained up in the house and claimed to home school them. If they had gone to school, authorities would have picked up on something, or at least the children would have stood a chance of being found. The children are aged between 2 and 29 years of age, and were allowed out on family outings, but none had friends they could ask for help. They were only discovered by one of the children escaping and dialing 911 from a deactivated cellphone, if she hadn’t who would have come looking for any of them? Schools aren’t perfect, but for the majority they provide a place to find friends, learn social skills, be educated, and also if children are being neglected then they stand a better chance of being rescued. Bullying does happen, but it also happens in the workplace and at home, so one can’t avoid the fact it can and does happen in all areas of life.

As more sexual misconduct cases appear in the news, I do applaud the bravery of those who have come forward, yet it also creates a small danger where some may use this to falsely accuse as an act of vengeance. There is a fine line between flirting and abusing power, and often those within a particular industry or circle do know the truth and who to avoid. I know of one such person who has recently been outed, and several years ago a few friends (on separate occasions) mentioned they had encountered sexual advances from this person and that it was a well-known secret in the industry. Most actors just want good roles and to get paid gigs, and not to get involved in scandals because their wages are already unstable as it is. Hopefully those who abuse their power will change their ways, and those who think they can get away with it will realize they can’t any longer.

One story that annoyed me and touched me at the same time was the fire in the Bronx just before New Year, when a child of three with a history of playing with gas burners was left unsupervised and set the apartment on fire. The mother took both children out and left her door open, which then allowed the fire to spread rapidly. As her door was opposite the only stairwell, that blocked the exit for all the floors above, unless they were able to use the fire escape outside. The temperatures were below zero and the fire hydrants were frozen when the fire fighters arrived. In the space of a few minutes a dozen people died with no chance of escape because of the negligence of a mother.

I may sound harsh, but if a child has a history of playing with burners then reprimand them or use a child safety fence to prevent them going into the area. Secondly, the mother should have been supervising the child as all it takes is a second and disaster can strike. This incident was preventable, and the selfish actions of one has cost the lives of a dozen people and has made more homeless. Some may try and defend the mother and say she was too busy to supervise (so why have children?), or her hands were full so she couldn’t close the door. The thing is one must take responsibility for their actions, and when you live in an apartment block your actions affect others. May those who were killed by the fire due to her negligence rest in peace, for no one can know how scared they must have been knowing they were trapped. This was not an accident but a preventable incident.

On a final note, a date was arranged for #45 and his state visit to the UK, and people protested straightaway. Theresa May attempted to support him, but he decided he didn’t want to come because he feared the riots that would take place. A message to Theresa May, yes you made the hasty invitation in error, but you look a fool by thinking he would be welcomed here. Get that message into your head unless you want the Conservative Party to die a quick death. I think most people are glad he decided not to come, and while I never liked May as a politician,  she’s the best the party has right now (which doesn’t say much). She needs to learn to listen to the will of the people and to surround herself with people that can tell her the truth, because for Brexit to be successful she need the support of her party, and right now they don’t have that much faith in her. This is the time we need a Churchill or a Thatcher, and somehow I hope she can step into those shoes a little just to get the UK through the storm.

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