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It’s Black Friday Week

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Typically Black Friday would consist of a few days of pre-Black Friday offers that extended to the weekend, and then Cyber Monday. Now, shoppers have a whole week to snap up bargains as stores realize people will wait, or if they can’t get into the store or online then they will lose business. Bring forth the whole Black Friday week, with some stores guaranteeing the lowest prices during the period. A bold claim, but one that reassures the shopper at this competitive time of year, but trying to sift out what is a good deal is getting harder these days. Today I have trawled through sites and found a few offers, but I still suspect the best offers with be on Thursday and Friday.

Like many, I am little tired of Trump and ‘what he does next’ dominating the headlines. The recent Hamilton: An American Musical issue has sadly brought out the ignorance and hate of many Americans. While some may disagree with what is written here, I try to provide the facts, but realize many people don’t wish to read, hear, or see the plain truth and facts in front of them. Here, there is little one can do but ignore them and hope that the switch of common sense in their heads get switched to the on position. Regarding the incident here are the facts and whines:

  • People whined that it was disrespectful that the audience booed. They are the paying audience, so address them, but they have a right as they paid to be there. You can’t control how people respond, either they approve or don’t.
  • Some have commented that it ruined the evening and as they had paid for tickets they did not want to have a political speech given to them. The statement was made after the show, thus any contract had ended. A ticket entitles a person to a seat in a show, and that show had ended. After that there is no obligation. One could try to stretch it out with the ‘experience’, but it was a show based on political divide, so if you didn’t want to watch something politically controversial then you were in the wrong show.
  • I was dismayed that people have been rating the show with one star in protest. I doubt many had never even seen the show, and wish it to fail. Judging by the poor language skills of some posters they don’t even know what the show was about, or have even been to a theater.
  • It’s not the first time (nor will it be the last) when actors make statements to the audience. Those who criticize it obviously do not attend shows with live audiences.
  • People seem to misunderstand that Pence is the Vice-President Elect, which doesn’t mean anything right now. The actual Electoral College votes are counted in January, and will be the official count. Only then will the title have any merit. Reading constant posts where people refer to him as the Vice-President only reaffirms the ignorance of people posting inaccurate statements, and they have no actual idea what they are talking about.
  • Most importantly Pence was not bothered by the booing or statement made, so why is everyone else bothered? He isn’t asking for an apology, nor is he angry. Pence wasn’t harassed, he had security and is a case of the far right exaggerating. It comes to a point when the rational person stops listening to people crying wolf, when they exaggerate and believe their hype.

My final thought on the Trump saga is Mitt Romney meeting with Trump after criticizing him. The rumors are he will have been offered a job, but does Romney have any integrity? If he accepts a job from someone he has openly condemned, he loses any credibility. Trump needs Romney more than Romney needs Trump. Romney would have been a contender if he ran, but it’s possible he was talked out of it, as the party wanted Jeb Bush to win. Let’s hope he values his integrity more.

Thanksgiving arrives this week, but will it heal the wounds where politics has divided friendships and families? For those who think the election is over, it isn’t over as the Electoral College has sprung a few surprises in the past. In previous years parties have supported their candidate, and so there were no surprises, but this year many Republicans in Congress have declared Trump was not their candidate of choice. When this occurs, votes can differ from the states calculations, and it’s not a winner takes all situation compared to the states won.

The political world is getting shaken up in other countries too. In France, Nicolas Sarkozy has been defeated in the first round of center-right primaries, as he attempted a come back to politics. Francios Fillon and Alain Juppe go head to head, and the winner with face Marine Le Pen, who is the far right leader. It’s a difficult time for the French that have dealt with multiple acts of terrorism and loss, and where liberty has backfired on the country. Trying to preserve those freedoms and protect the citizens is no easy task, while trying to be humanitarian in the face of floods of refugees, and migrants who use France as a gateway to other EU countries. With its numerous borders, it is harder to maintain and control who is coming in and who is escaping. That’s what people fear, and the right winged parties appeal to those concerns.

The news dominating the UK headlines is who should pay the £392 million cost of renovating Buckingham Palace? Apparently it is the taxpayers, but given that the public have no access to it (or even reduced admission) I can’t see how that is value for money. Perhaps it could be split, and if people wanted to visit they would get two free tickets per year when it opens to the public? There needs to be some concessions here, and while I’m not a Royalist, I think their presence does afford some stability in the country. It comes at a bad time when the EU also wants a divorce settlement in the billions, but let’s hope that those who negotiate don’t back down, because the money just goes to fund other countries that the UK is not responsible for. Hmm, using taxpayers money where the taxpayers gets no benefit whatsoever? It’s logically simple that it’s wrong, especially when there is nothing given in return except our freedom. If that’s the price of freedom, it just goes to show how corrupt the EU actually is.

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