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Is Using Your Intuition Logical?

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Which do you follow; your gut instinct, or what a piece of paper or a sign says? We are conditioned to trust what information we are given in black and white, but as you get older and more cynical, how reliable is that information? Someone must have come up with it and, how do you know whether they were right? How trustworthy is it?

Using your intuition is something that can’t be taught; you need to trust yourself first in what you think and feel. That goes against everything we are taught since childhood, yet as babies and children we rely on our instincts to survive. No one tells us to cry if something hurts or if something is dangerous, we use our intuition because we have nothing else to rely on. Watch a toddler stroke a cat; at first they will be apprehensive to see if it’s dangerous and then will try to touch the cat once they know it’s safe.

As an adult using your intuition means knowing the difference between what is logical and what is intuitive. At times there maybe a conflict, but how do you choose? Your intuition has always existed, yet social conditioning teaches logic as the answer and solution. It is for various things that are tangible; for example boiling water will be hot and you shouldn’t touch it until it has cooled down, but our intuition also tells us hot things are dangerous. When we talk about choices in our life or emotions, should these be logic or intuitively based ones?

As we get older we have to decide on a career, do we choose what is logical or what the gut says? Many of us will through social pressure make logical decisions based on materialism, status, and wealth. Some of us are able to put logic aside and listen to what the intuition says. It’s risky and is a gamble; people may tell you that you are foolish and ask why you are making an irrational and illogical decision. What is illogical about trusting yourself and listening to what you choose to do? We all make mistakes even when we follow a logical course of action; nothing in life is guaranteed.

In the school or the workplace, getting top grades or being beautiful doesn’t always mean you will get the job. Even if you do, then you find your heart and soul isn’t in it, was it a logical choice? To do something that doesn’t make you happy, but socially is what is expected of you and what you feel you ought to do? That to me isn’t logical. Being logical is to know when to listen to your instinct, and then realizing and knowing how to use it. At times logic can help; it is a systematic way of thinking backed by facts. Logic alone can help you make better choices, but better for whom? The economy, your family, or the community?

I have found cynically in life that logic pales into insignificance; it is expected and unappreciated and the overall utilitarian factor is often nil to the self. Too many people rely on logic and get disappointed. The books can state what should happen, but life isn’t logical and doesn’t go according to a logical plan. The irony is that we all like to have plans, but when those plans don’t work out, then what use is logic? You did what you were supposed to do and it left you with nothing but emptiness. Using your intuition, well it’s a gamble, but when logic fails you it’s logical to then trust your intuition…

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