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Is the Soul Eternal?

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Whether you believe in it or not there are an abundance of theories, some make sense others need some convincing. In a nutshell, we all possess souls which are eternal, unlike the human body; we choose to reincarnate to continue what we may not have finished last time and use what we have learned and apply that knowledge, to learn more life lessons, or quite possibly a combination of all three. All in the pursuit of soul enlightenment. Eternal means there is no time limit, so if we don’t achieve all the goals set out to do we just transfer them to the next incarnation.

Often, patterns repeat and that is a sure sign that it is something we need to learn or figure out. There’s no escape, it may not be obvious to us, however at one point we did make the decision to follow a certain course of action. Understanding reincarnation with no tangible evidence is controversial, you may hear of some spiritual people wanting to go ‘home’ either they have had enough of this incarnation and are unhappy, isolated and in despair or they feel they have achieved their life purpose. We have bad days and difficult periods, but that’s what makes us stronger. Those who think they have achieved their life purpose, have more than likely not even come close.

At times we have unexplained aversions to things or favor things for no apparent reason. These traits are more noticeable in young children who make decisions and exhibit behavior with no frame of reference. If we look at them as newly incarnated with the blueprints of their past lives, they will continue their likes and dislikes from those lifetimes subconsciously. Reincarnation is a theory that would explain this phenomenon.

According to theories our past life memories are wiped each incarnation to allow us to start and learn again, however I believe the soul essence retains all the traits gathered over time. These blueprints are imprinted and only triggered when needed. Especially old souls, the traits will have been used time over time whilst new ones are added. It can indeed supersede the genetic blueprint and any environmental factors. The knowledge, skills and characteristics remain deep within us and are part of us.

Why do we choose to reincarnate?

  • To help the world in a particular way
  • To continue the life lessons and gain soul evolution
  • To help a member of your soul group with their life purpose

These are my theories, some feel they have a purpose to be here; to teach, guide, invent something and those who feel they have no life purpose are here to help others with theirs. Sometimes we act as conduits for others life lessons too. Those who feel as if they have no great purpose, it is possible this incarnation is a supporting role for those in your soul group–they may have done the same for you previously which is why you have agreed and now it is your turn.

Young souls reincarnate readily embracing new challenges whereas some older souls choose them more carefully and with purpose. They know what is in store and come for a particular situation, period, event or person. That is not to say their incarnations are more important, but will be more poignant. Whilst we can never prove or disprove the theories of reincarnation, we should not use it as an excuse to give up, for how we behave or for how life has turned out. We have free will and choices to follow the path that we decide is right for us at the given time. There are no wrong decisions, we will always end up where we need to be, it may be the very scenic route or the procrastinated journey and fate plays its part by waking us up and creating events that put us back on course.

We are all told of our spirit guides who guide us throughout life, they don’t intervene, but nudge and we have earth guides/angels here to counsel, listen and steer in a more direct fashion. From experience, we can save, guide, warn but never interfere or dictate. One can outline the choices and worst-case scenarios, but the path chosen is made alone for each person. Our soul responsibility lies with us in the here and now.

Each incarnation contributes to our soul existence, some are more painful, others more eventful, even though they maybe erased each incarnation the scars remain and can be triggered under traumatic circumstances. I see this as in built protection to prevent the painful outcomes previously experienced.

Reincarnation is for the brave–it is painful, tough and challenging. We can challenge our destiny, but we are in fact challenging ourselves as we at one point made the conscious decision to follow this course of action.

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This is an edited version, which originally appeared in Visionary Musings.

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  1. Bobby

    One great thing I like about this article is it is positioned in such a way as to propose, rather than make a definitive statement. You have left enough room for thought and have indeed sparked my interest a little more concerning the range of possibilities you have outlined. Good Job!

    April 6, 2015

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