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Have Humans Created a Faux Humanity?

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Contrary to belief, people who suffer from panic attacks are often the wise and the strong. Why? Because they know they have to hold their tongue, otherwise it will cause controversy or may upset others. It stems from a lack of control of a given situation, but why should it if we live in a free and democratic world? Being politically correct and abiding by the moral society rules has its consequences and it can result in pent up anxiety and frustration.

It depends on the situation, whether it’s a boss and employee type of scenario or a public or private one. Sometimes you can talk it through and other times you have no choice, but to bottle it up and to leave it can lead to panic attacks, stress, depression and then drugs, abuse or alcohol to deal with or it results in masking it all.

Not all panic attacks are from this, some people get them when they are out of their comfort zone or when too much is expected of them and it overwhelms them. The pressure society puts on people to perform and behave can be soul destroying. Underneath it all they themselves, the instigators have panic attacks quelled by alcohol, spending sprees or drugs.

The only people who seem to never have panic attacks are those who don’t care what others think, have control of their lives and all the people in it and who answer to no one. There aren’t that many, but usually older people who have had enough tend to have this freer attitude that is healthy. I have seen celebrities have panic attacks before they go out on stage and people with an extrovert personality crumble when they are faced with the unknown. It can happen to anyone at anytime without notice.

Why doesn’t society stop expecting too much? We should have standards, but more people are leaving the rat race, jobs and the cities because of stress and panic attacks due to unrealistic expectations. Society isn’t always such a nice place to exist in, but it should be because we are all creators of it. People burn out or don’t want live as a slave to a society that expects them to be something they are not.

We need to understand that we, the people create the world and not allow the globalized capitalists to dictate how society should be. Many people have panic attacks, not because they are weak, but because they are being manipulated to be and do something that isn’t natural. It’s nature’s way to tell you that you need to change your life or the people around you. For some, it’s hard to do; it may break up families, friendships, force you to relocate, but you owe it to yourself because you shouldn’t live to please others.

Consider this, how many of the societal problems stem from this? People have panic attacks as a reaction to something they can’t control so what is the answer? Well, there is therapy, but it doesn’t always work and is expensive; medication (addictive, has side effects and isn’t a solution only treats the symptoms); alcohol can make you feel better, but can lead to addiction like drugs and those who choose to take it out on others because they can control them, whether it be a spouse, child, pet or co-worker. It’s a knock on effect as the circle goes round and destroys more lives silently as we all try to be brave and cope with a smile on our faces. We owe it to society to understand and break this vicious cycle. Many people hop off the wheel, but that doesn’t stop this from happening. Instead it shows that we recognize it’s a destructive part of humanity that it should be halted and that society should evolve and progress rather than force people to escape.

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Originally posted on Visionary Musings

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