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Goodbye To August

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As we say goodbye to August, we also say goodbye to Gene Wilder (the one and only Willy Wonka) who died today aged 83. In the US the two main parties have officially elected their candidates for the Presidency; Hilary Clinton for the Democrats, and Donald Trump for the Republicans—no surprise in that result. The Olympics in Rio went ahead, but not without the odd scandal; Ryan Lochte and three other team mates from the US swimming team were found to have lied about being robbed at gunpoint, the pools turned green postponing some events, two Kenyan officials attempted to take drug tests in the place of athletes, and an IOC official was arrested on allegations of selling tickets to touts.Team GB came second in the medal table in front of China and behind the USA—not bad for a small island of 63 million people.

There is still much uncertainty in the world; the Syria conflict looks unlikely to end as more bloodshed continues despite a humanitarian ceasefire for 48 hours, and IS and terrorism still causes destruction. The world economy remains unstable, but as the long Christmas shopping run up approaches, it may boost spirits and confidence in the world markets. In the meantime I’m planning on getting fit enough to trek to Everest Base Camp…

Look out for the New Moon on September 1st.

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