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The Great English Fry Up

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with people freelancing and jobs that require shift work, breakfast gets skipped in lieu of those precious extra minutes in bed. Each minute and second counts, but having a healthy breakfast does set you up for the day, especially if you have along journey ahead, if lunch is skipped or is late, or often now a working lunch.

Traditionally a full English, as it is called, now extends to an all day breakfast in many cafés, and restaurants as it’s a substantial meal and is full of all the food groups. There are also vegetarian versions, but here is what a good breakfast consists of:

  • Eggs: Usually fried, but can be scrambled or poached.
  • Beans: Heinz is preferred, but are essential.
  • Potatoes: Hash browns, rösti, bubble and squeak, or sautéed potatoes with onions. A healthy version can include sweet potatoes cubed and sautéed with herbs.
  • Bread: Fried bread isn’t the healthiest, but it does taste good. Toast is also served with butter; white is traditional. In Ireland soda bread or potato farls (potato pancakes) are often used.
  • Mushrooms: Sliced and sautéed with onions is best.
  • Sausages: Fried or grilled. Vegetarian sausages are now more widely available.
  • Bacon: Best fried, and vegetarian soya rashers are becoming popular.
  • Tomato: Half a grilled tomato is traditional
  • Black Pudding: A combination of pig’s blood, oatmeal, onions and pork fat. Not for the vegetarians. Many places don’t include this nowadays, but is available as an option.

The calorie count can be close to 1000 per serving, but if you have early in the day you can burn up the energy throughout the day. It also prevents any hunger pangs and snacking, which is often the culprit for weight gain. Having the odd full English isn’t bad for you, but it’s not recommended as a daily breakfast, that is unless you skip lunch and it doubles up as a brunch. Of course there are healthier versions where everything is steamed or grilled as well as reduced sugar and salt baked beans, but the original version is still the best.


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