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Does Déjà Vu Exist?

Posted in Philosophy, and Spiritual Theories

What is a déjà vu? Why doesn’t everyone have one and why do we have them? It can be a feeling of having experienced an event before, saying or hearing the same phrase, or being in a familiar place. Not all can be attributed to past lives as people expect, though many can be and these triggers can spark past life memories. Perhaps it’s a repetition of events over several incarnations as it’s something that has not been resolved?

We do plan our incarnations, but with all plans, not everything will go smoothly or on time. A déjà vu can be a recall of the planning of an event for a specific reason; a signpost in your current incarnation, where it reminds you that an event or person is important for some reason.

Not everyone will have a déjà vu; Young Souls who have few past lives don’t have that many memories and will also have an abundance of guides to help them. The Mature and Old Souls may have more recollections and experiences, so may experience more instances of déjà vu, particularly if they have karmic debt to repay. Old Souls may also have more of the latter experiences, as they tend to have fewer guides and prefer to place markers for themselves in an incarnation as a reminder of their goals.

Some visions can be helpful and other experiences may seem confusing. Recognize them as messages that were at the back of your mind, but don’t be afraid of them; use them wisely as it’s your Higher Self connecting with you, sending you a reminder of what you planned and decided before incarnating.

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