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Clinton Vs. Trump ~ The Final Countdown

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After what can only be described as a bitter and nasty campaign, I’m glad it has come to an end. As I write, in less than 24 hours the 45th President of the USA will be announced. I have resisted writing too much on this, primarily because there is so much and it’s all down to what you wish to believe, which in politics is very hard. The question is who will be the best person for the job, rather than who you like, and I fear many Americans don’t understand that premise. They should be voting for who is the best candidate to carry out the role, and not the one they like the best. It’s the same in a job interview, when I used to work as a recruiter, I would have to choose the best person for the job, and not necessarily the one I liked more.

There is no doubt that Hilary Clinton has more experience of the role having been a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, while Donald Trump has never held any political position and has little understanding of how Congress, laws, and policy work. I was living in the US during the last election, and it was more or less a done deal that Obama would win, and I didn’t take that much notice of it. What is more important (and what people forget) is the 34 Senate seats (currently 54 Republic and 45 Democrat) and all 435 House of Representatives seats that are being contested. Congress, and whichever party has control of the Houses has the power.

I have friends that have said they support Trump, and I really don’t know what to say to that. There is freedom in speech and belief, and I can’t expect all of my friends to have the same political outlook that I take. The majority of my US friends supported Sanders, and then Clinton. Once this is over, hopefully we can all be friends again, yet I feel this campaign has divided a nation, just as Brexit did in the UK. Healing the country, and community will be much harder.

The problem of immigration is a concern, especially with terrorism that is on the increase, but also the lack of jobs that allow a living wage. That is not something the government can change overnight; businesses must decide where to invest and how much to pay their staff, and the government can help stimulate this by offering incentives for businesses through taxes or grants. What did make me chuckle is people saying if Trump did win they were leaving the US and going to Canada, where many Canadians have responded that they want a wall as a border!

I hope for the safety of the world that Americans choose the safe option, because America is already great, liberal, and free. Those who don’t think it is need to travel to other countries to see what real oppression is. I saw on a forum I on today where a 16 year old home schooled girl said if Clinton was voted in, then it was goodbye to freedom. First, it just goes to show the perils of home schooling (how can they learn when indoctrinated by parental bias), and that a 16 year old has no idea what liberty actually is. Thank goodness she can’t vote, however, many like her can and let’s hope for the sake of the US they are in the minority.

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