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Bernie is Back and Brexit looms

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I’ve been quietly watching what is happening in the USA in regards to the upcoming 2020 election and how Brexit is faring in the UK. Both are defining moments in democracy, where the people have spoken and while some suffer, others are milking it while they can.

First of all Brexit, and in the past week the Labour party has finally split with MPs leaving to form an Independent Party. It had been brewing for some time now, but it’s not all about Brexit though, but what people expect from the politicians they elect into government and they want results immediately. What I don’t understand is why people are still trying to reverse Brexit, ask for another vote, because deals and negotiations were always going to be tough. They were foolhardy to think the EU would listen and agree to a plan, and say ‘yes’, then smile and play happy families; the EU have never played nicely with the UK, ever. The EU were not happy about the split and were always going to be difficult to negotiate with and they are because they can be. These people in the EU are not leaders but dictators when Donald Tusk said that those who voted for Brexit have a special place in hell. This is the very reason why Brexit was the right vote because democracy is a concept Tusk fails to comprehend. I don’t think for one minute any of the EU negotiating team want to negotiate, but want to make life as difficult for the UK as they possibly can with no regard for the citizens and their welfare. They have no incentive to assist the UK because they have already lost what they wanted which was money, and they are trying to hold onto the open borders which was the whole point of Brexit as in to close the borders.

Plans change, and the fact is that the EU don’t like the plans that the UK have put forward, so there was a plan to work around which Tusk and co knocked back. Democracy is never easy, and while people freak out about stockpiling food and the rising cost of things, regaining control of your own laws and country is a small price to pay for that. The food and goods issue is fear mongering, and prices in general go up because the cost of living goes up. That is no surprise and expected. As for the ‘loss of jobs’ the jobs may still exist but elsewhere such as banking jobs that came to the UK for tax reasons. Those people will still have jobs (many were expats so didn’t bring in more jobs) but will have to move elsewhere, and if you didn’t know most of these people didn’t pay UK taxes as expatriate workers so the UK isn’t really missing out on much. How do I know? I used to work in the industry, and most were relocated to the UK with nice packages, and very few were actually British, mainly interns and admin staff.

It’s a messy deal, and is a ‘no deal’ better than a bad deal? Probably because it means negotiations will continue. The Irish issue is a problem over the border, and while important, I wish the Irish would stop thinking it’s all about them and how it will affect them because without the UK and the EU supporting them it would be a pretty poor country. I feel Theresa May handled things poorly; she had good counsel before and lost them and now she is meandering and trying to get a deal which she should have laid down much more firmly from the start. If Brexit is delayed then so be it because it will happen and it will take time to implement and people need to accept that. The simple fact is when parties negotiate each want a specific outcome; the UK to leave on good terms and to protect its borders and to still trade with the EU, and the EU basically want open borders and free movement and won’t budge, and are deaf to any possible compromise. Maybe they need a change in the EU negotiation team with people who actually want a resolution?

Bernie is back!

Elizabeth Warren announced herself as a candidate for the primaries and the 2020 election, and that was no surprise, but Bernie Sanders, well I thought he would have learned by now. Currently there are 15 Democratic contenders, but surely the Democrats have learned their lesson by now? By failing to have a clear leader and backing them the party was divided and thus people either didn’t vote (because their man wasn’t on the ballot paper), or people voted for a third-party for the sake of it just so they could say they did their public duty. Now Bernie is back to divide the party again for he isn’t actually a Democrat, but an independent, and people rightly say he should not be representing the Democrats and should run as an independent.


Many of my friends like Bernie, and I like him too and his policies seem sound but unachievable, and the point is to make actual change rather than to spend years trying to get over ambitious bills passed. People are divided on why the Democrats lost and it wasn’t just that Hillary Clinton was disliked by many, but many Bernie supporters were not Democrats but socialists and refused to back Clinton. I have friends who are blue and didn’t vote because they supported Bernie and I asked them why because that was a stupid thing to do and they enabled #45. Sometimes voters do not think strategically and that is why the Democrats need to get their house in order and work together.

From what I saw online and through personal interactions, Bernie divides the Democrats by giving them false hope through telling people what they want to hear, when there is a very small chance any of those things can happen. It then forces other candidates to match his policies and if they don’t have the same or similar then they look like the bad guys and a poor choice. Sanders makes a good Democrat look bad, when in reality his policies may sound appealing, but the power lies in Congress and in a Senate governed by the GOP and the HOR by the Democrats. While he raised money for his campaign faster than the other candidates, it’s clear people want and need change, but should he get elected and then fails to implement any of his policies, what then?

Everyone wants minimum wages but each state has its own laws, so good luck in getting the southern states to even listen to that. The people want extended healthcare, well we can see that it will be hard given the issues with the Affordable Health Care Act and the Republicans desire to repeal it, so again a very difficult policy to implement and also where are the funds for that? Free education in public colleges is another, but again how will that be funded and implemented? Already there are issues with Affirmative Action and places aren’t always given to the best students, and while I agree education should be free and available to all, won’t it create problems with students cheating and faking papers to get into college which already happens? Will it be age based with time limits and with restrictions? It’s all too vague.

I’m a realist and while I understand these policies appeal to the masses of working class folk who want a better life, you wonder how did #45 get elected when he has done the opposite? Bernie could help the Democrats win but not by running, but by supporting the best candidate from the start and not leaving it to the last-minute like last time which contributed to #45 taking the White House. Bernie and the Democrats need to learn and not make the same mistake again, yet I fear they are and hope that Bernie is wise enough to do the right thing for the country. We do have the eagerly awaited Robert Mueller report arriving soon and that may just change everything…

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