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A Less Than Peaceful Boxing Day

Posted in Fashion, and From The Editor's Perspective

I’ve always preferred Boxing Day over Christmas Day, mainly because all the hype and stress of Christmas is theoretically over. For those who don’t know what Boxing Day is, here in the UK it’s the day after Christmas where in Victorian times gift boxes were given to servants for Christmas, as well as the day off.

This year the headline news was the sudden death of George Michael, and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo the day before on Christmas Eve. When people from your childhood die, a small part of you goes missing. I remember as a child hearing Wham Rap and Rocking all over the world on Top of the Pops. It reminds me that I am getting older, but also that no one can control death. I stayed up past midnight and heard the news as it happened, and while the death curse of 2016 continues, one wonders if it will extend to the USA? R.I.P. George and Rick.

My brother doesn’t usually get me gifts, but he bought me one this year—a book by the current British Vogue editor. I watched the documentary on the 100th year of Vogue, and it reaffirmed my decision to stop buying or reading it (dreadful personalities), mainly because of the editor whose name I can’t even bring myself to use. A magazine is defined by the editor, and you can tell when they change. Although I didn’t want to sound ungrateful for the gift, it will go unread and untouched. Anything she has written or touched (she signed it), I don’t want a part of as my most loathed Vogue editor ever. Back in my student days I wrote a dissertation on the editors of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; there were some I admired, and others that I didn’t feel suited the magazine. Liz Tilberis was one of my favorites, and Grace Mirabella in the USA; perhaps they were just more on my artistic wavelength? You may ask why I dislike Vogue, quite simply there is a lack of style compared to what the magazine used to have. It may still have the title, but that’s all, what is inside the magazine counts these days and not just the cover. Cult magazines aren’t about profit, but what they stand for. Do people even read Vogue, or just like to say they have been featured in Vogue? There is a difference. Harper’s has good and bad months, and Tatler is always good for a tongue in cheek laugh. I used to read Grazia and Glamour, but they seem to have been taken over by left winged feminists. These days I only buy them for the free gift on the cover, because that’s all that it is worth.

With less a week left in 2016, the obituary reviewers have had a busy year. Who knows who else will go? It has been a less than peaceful Boxing Day…

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