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2016 So Far…

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2016 is proving to be a year of great change—In Europe, the potential Brexit that will shake up the structure of the EU, the elections for the 45th President of the USA will be cast later, as the Democratic and Republican parties are still deciding on their candidates, the terrorist activities involving ISIS continue, and the migrant and refugee issues grow as families opt for asylum in the EU, bypassing the Turkish camps set up to house them,

One may wonder why I haven’t addressed these issues as they are happening in real time, but the fact is a wise person evaluates and then makes their remarks. On a personal level I have strong views on all of the above, and yes they are heavy topics, and ones that no doubt will have differing views. My thoughts were How do I write this in an unbiased manner, and can one ever be truly unbiased? I do feel it possible, by using logical reasoning one can ascertain what and why events have occurred, and the potential outcomes. That is what a great thinker does. One analyzes and can discern the facts from propaganda, and come up with the best possible scenarios.

Already a host of inspiring celebrities have decided to leave Planet Earth, it makes you wonder if once we have achieved all that we have set out to do, we leave regardless or age or health? That’s more of a philosophical question, but one that is credible. The question I ask myself looking at humanity as a whole, is whether humanity is evolving or destroying itself? We have the knowledge, technology, and power to evolve, but does power and greed create obstacles to the desired utopic world peace? Is it possible, or does it go against the fabric of what makes us human?


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