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Sherlock Season 4 ~ The Finale Verdict

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The Sherlock phenomenon seems to have reached its peak, with a less than satisfactory ending according to some fans. Apparently the Russians have been hacking again, and the leaked dubbed episode of the finale was available online. It makes the possibility of the election hacking in the USA all the more credible. Did the finale entertain, explain, and satisfy the fans? The show has been a success because nothing decent has hit the airwaves recently, but has the finale left us gasping for more, or is there is a silent sigh of relief?


The finale revolves around the youngest Holmes child, Eurus  (the long lost sister Sherlock has no memory of) who has been locked up on a secret island as she was a danger to the world. As with all super villains she was in a secure unit surrounded with glass, but somehow she still managed to nip out and play at being a therapist, jump on a bus that Watson was on, and make an appointment to see Sherlock, and then find a boat or helicopter back to the island each time? Apparently she had the ability to condition people, which was why she was able to leave each time, but this is where the show enters the fantasy realm.

The acting from the main cast was as usual on form, and the only let down was the annoying child actor on the plane who struggled to say her lines convincingly. Then Sherlock underwent a personality change, where he was compassionate and thoughtful when speaking to the child. Benedict Cumberbatch’s real parents reprised their roles as the parents of the Holmes children, chastising Mycroft and asking Sherlock what to do was fairly amusing. The plot was thin, and the addition of Moriarty whom we all knew was dead didn’t add anything to the script. We knew Eurus was given a treat of 5 minutes of unsupervised chat with him in return for figuring out several terrorist plots from a few tweets. Too contrived!

The thing is the script seemed too rushed and unbelievable. Eurus was allegedly taken away as a child when she set the house on fire when she was five years old, so if she had been locked away, she would never have seen a computer, let alone a tweet. Even so, Moriarty’s line of ‘miss me’ grew weary, as Mary later adopted it for her messages beyond the grave. The scene with Molly just about saved the episode, where she was at least consistent. While characters should evolve, it should be gradual and not done all in one episode.

Will there be another season? Fans are undecided about the outcome, and I felt the last finale in season three had the same vibe. The crew are undecidedly talented, and maybe it’s a good job everyone is a bit busy with other projects right now. It’s a case of waiting for a good plot and script rather than churning one out for the sake of it, and I feel that’s just what happened in the finale. I want to see the old Sherlock and Watson duo again, solving cases rather than fighting their own demons.

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