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Saving Hank and Helen Kawecki

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Today, Helen Kawecki celebrates her 88th birthday, yet the home she thought she would live in for the rest of her life has been taken away through her grandson’s betrayal. Becoming homeless and being penniless at 88 years of age, from being scammed by your own grandson was far from either Hank or Helen’s minds two years ago when they signed over the deeds to their home to help him raise a loan. They had lived in the same house in Thousand Oaks in Ventura County, California for 56 years and now have to move out as their grandson defaulted on loans of over $425,000 leading to the foreclosure of the property. His name is Chadd Moore; currently he has not been arrested, and has gambled away all the money. However, his grandparents have reported the fraud to the police. It is now up to the attorneys to build a case; it seems they maybe able to convict him under elder abuse which is defined as below:

‘A single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person’.

Moore’s deceit was uncovered by their neighbors Doug and Linda Emerson, who were alerted when someone knocked on their door to introduce themselves as their new neighbors. This prompted Emerson to do some investigating online, and discovered the house was up for sale because Moore had defaulted on all of the loans. Even when Helen confronted her grandson asking him if the house was up for sale, he denied it and assured them everything was okay. The sale fell through when their attorney was able to attach a notice of a lawsuit pending to the property, and then was foreclosed.

Their mistake was to trust a member of the family that they were trying to help, and what is worse is their daughter is backing her son (because she doesn’t want him to go to prison) forcing a rift in the family. So how did it all begin? It seems that Moore needed a loan, and told his grandparents because of their age they would not qualify, and it would be easier if he applied. As they trusted him, they signed over the deeds to the house so he could obtain a loan to help him out. The purpose of signing the deeds over to him was to help him obtain a loan and was not give him the property, because that would lead to tax implications. Without a doubt Moore misled and lied to his grandparents, but proving it will be another matter. Even when the house was up for sale, Moore let realtors and prospective buyers view when his grandparents were out, or persuaded them to go out in order for the viewings to take place. Matters of law are not always about what is feasible or probable but what can be proved.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by their neighbor Doug Emerson, who has been supporting the couple in finding a resolution for this situation, but one wonders why none of their children or other grandchildren have stepped in to help? Apparently there is daughter in Indiana and other grandchildren who are supporting them morally, but perhaps they need to be more hands on? There is no moral justification for what Moore did which was calculated, premeditated, (he set up a company called Hauser Enterprises L.L.C. on 2014-04-14, before the deeds were signed over, and filed for bankruptcy 2016-07-05 ) and enacted his plan, and then showed no remorse when his actions were discovered. The house was then listed for sale in December 2015, followed by a pending sale in January (which was when the neighbors were alerted) and foreclosed to the lender on April 1, 2016 for nearly -88% of the value of the house. There is however hope in humanity, as many have contributed to the fund to help with legal expenses and to pay for alternative accommodation. What has touched me is the GoFundMe team have donated $1,000 dollars themselves to the cause.

house price

Betrayal is a bitter and sad experience that many of us in life have to learn from, but the wicked grandson deserves to be behind bars for the deceitful actions, and the harm he has caused by destroying the lives of his grandparents who probably would have left him money upon their death. How can justice be served? Hank and Helen Kawecki need a pro bono attorney to represent them, and somewhere to live. They have been forced to sell most of their belongings to pay legal fees, and are uncertain what will happen next or where they will live. Chad Moore must be held accountable for his actions regardless of his relationship to the victims. Fraud is a crime, and crimes must be punished. Who is to say he would not attempt to do this again to others?

Having good neighbors like Doug and Linda Emerson have helped Hank and Helen, for it could have been far worse. It does make you wonder whom you can trust, and should you help others when they betray you instead? Why did Moore do it? Greed, or did he have no respect for his grandparents and was willing to sacrifice them for his indulgent lifestyle? Either way I hope the attorneys and authorities can figure a legal way for Hank and Helen to find justice, and to hopefully have a permanent roof over their heads for the remainder of their lives. Will they be able to forgive their daughter or grandson for their actions? I imagine everything is too raw at present, and while a Judge has allowed them to remain in the property for a further 60 days, their future is still uncertain and not what kind and caring grandparents deserve. Hopefully Chad Moore will see the error of his ways and hand himself in. It’s unlikely, but it would be the moral and right thing to do.

On an end note, I read some troll like comments on the GoFundMe page from people accusing the page of being a scam. I hardly think a public court case that is documented and a public foreclosure could be falsified. Besides the fact,  numerous television channels have been to interview the couple, and wouldn’t be reporting it if they thought it was a scam. The paper trail says it’s genuine (I did my own investigations too, please see the public record screenshots I have found, that proves everything they have said to be true), and the reason why they are pursing this legally is because a crime was committed. Some well meaning people are proffering legal advice, but in these cases it is getting the proof and not just turning up in court as Moore’s paperwork was legal, but obtained by deception. The Elder Abuse laws are complex and vary state to state, and is a branch of law that is sadly evolving. I consider those who make false accusations to be small minded, and to be honest their opinions don’t matter, but the sad fact is they feel the need to express their accusations online and declare they won’t be donating shows that they are quite frankly worthless people. Karma bites those with mean and uncharitable thoughts—it really does.



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