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Remembrance Day 11:11

Posted in Justice, Society and Morals, Spotlight on Humanity, and World Affairs

Today, people unite and commemorate the lives of those who died so that society today can be free. It is tragic that the day has been consumed with news of Donald Trump winning the US Election, although not the popular vote. Democracy can be dangerous and it can fail—however, we as humans should have learned our lessons through the tragedies of war, and allowing dictators and tyrants to rule. Have Americans forgotten how many sacrifices and deaths there were for their freedom, yet they want more and their greed supersedes that of liberty?

While war continues in many lands, one must not forget the courage and bravery of those who fell, and who never had a chance to fulfill their own dreams. We, as in society owe it to them to try and preserve the freedoms that were fought for. Americans mourn the failure of a flawed democratic system on an election that broke rules, not only the man-made ones, but the unspoken moral laws of humanity. The rest of the world mourns with those Americans who voted for peace and failed. Sometimes greed and money wins, but at times humanity learns lessons the hard way. There were several paths to choose (as there are now) and a poor choice was made. In life we learn from mistakes, but when they are preventable are they mistakes or choices made from arrogance? War is preventable, and an informed society, there is no logical reason why we cannot avoid war, that is unless the people accidentally put a tyrant or dictator in charge.

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