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November 1, 2017 ~ A Decade Since Meredith Kercher’s Murder

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A decade ago today, Meredith Kercher was murdered in Perugia, Italy although she was more likely killed on Halloween and her body found on November 1st. Sadly, no one knows the whole truth as to what really happened, and the world will wonder whether justice has been done. Yes, one person is behind bars, but this act was not carried out by a single person, and the others responsible roam freely. I do believe in Karma and that justice will prevail one day. I knew her, and this morning I thought about what kind of person she would have become. I’m sure the world over people are lighting candles in her memory.

It’s a fraught start to the month with a terrorist attack in New York where a man drove a van into a cycle lane and killed eight people in the name of terrorism. There is little information on the attacker, except he is Muslim and became a citizen in 2010. In a city where liberty is key, it’s a sad time to be on alert when people should be enjoying themselves while visiting the city. Among those who lost their lives were tourists, however, people will not let this stop them, but there will be heightened security across the major cities in light of this.

In the UK, after the Weinstein allegations, talk of sexual harassment and assault has now been aimed at politicians. Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary has chosen to resign over claims of improper behavior in the past, which is a shame as he was good at his job. The recent cases have called for conduct to be held to a higher standard and to be set out explicitly what is inappropriate in the halls of Westminster to prevent these cases from arising again. What disturbs me is the leftist angle the BBC are taking in particular Laura Kuenssberg, who appears to be a hard left supporter in her disparaging remarks on any Conservative minister,and her glee at the resignation. It’s annoying, wrong, and I’m not surprised she has had online threats. Her job is to report and analyze as a neutral party and not feed her beliefs to the public on how she see its. Quite frankly I’m surprised the BBC haven’t reprimanded her again, and how she is still in a job.

The biggest news came in the form of the indictments of Paul Manafort (former Campaign Manager for #45 also born on April 1 which made me laugh) and his former business partner Rick Gates on 12 counts that include: conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the United States, being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, and tax evasion. However, there is nothing that links him to the Russian collusion during the election, but it’s a well-known tactic to squeeze those who have dirty laundry and corner them into a plea bargain.

Robert Mueller has worked fast, and has managed to keep other key figures out of the press so as not to hinder the investigation. George Papadopoulos who was a foreign policy advisor during the campaign has been arrested and has admitted to perjury. He has made a plea deal by cooperating with the authorities, and looking at what has been revealed it looks like a John Grisham novel where people have been setting up meetings using intermediaries. The problem with social media is that people can see where you are and what you are doing, and it maybe a millennial thing, but when Papadopoulos deleted his Facebook account and changed his phone number after being questioned by the FBI, you wonder what he was trying to hide? We all know that there was Russian interference, now it’s proving it and to try those who were involved for treason. Heck, even Facebook admit some adverts that claimed to be US companies actually originated in Russia and were not genuine. They have since removed the accounts but isn’t this a bit late. How can you prove they influenced the minds of voters (which they may have done, because some people just believe what they see and don’t question it) ? Besides fake account that pushed likes and to make a post ‘trend’ there were also Russian trolls on various social media channels that were Kremlin based that helped push these ‘fake’ stories and spread them.

Today many stores officially launch their Christmas wares, and people buy their cards (those who still send them). Personally I don’t buy much and will be content to have a month of no worldwide attacks, a US Congress that works for the people, an Executive Branch that know what they are doing, the Labour Party in the UK to have a leader with policies that are realistic and reasonable, the EU to accept Brexit and be fair, and Meredith to rest in peace with her murderers to be punished for their actions. It’s not much to ask really and none of it’s for me alone, but these things would help make the world a more pleasant place to live in.

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