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London, 3 June 2017 ~ Playing The Blame Game

Posted in Society and Morals, and World Affairs

London Bridge, 3 June 2017, a little after 22:00; there was another terrorist attack, but should we be blaming anyone? I’ve said it before, and no amount of police or laws will stop certain random attacks such as this one. Here, a white van drove into people and then three men ran out and started stabbing people. What can you do to stop this? Prevent vans from driving on the street? Ban knives?

Some of my younger friends (millennials) who are in their 20s blame the government cuts on policing, the leadership of the government, but why are they not blaming the actual people who carried out the attack? Only they are to blame because you can police every street in the country and terrorists would still attack. The three attackers were killed within eight minutes, and knew they would probably die, so how do stop people who are prepared to die for their actions? You can’t.

Historians and analysts will look at how this could have been prevented or stopped, and we have to go back several decades. How did it all begin? Can we trace the root cause of it all? It all began with problems in the Middle East where factions have always been tense, then western powers got involved with aid and choosing sides, and that’s why western countries have been targeted for their interference. So who do we look at to blame or should we? This coupled with refugees setting up home in western countries and wishing to keep their Muslim traditions created a conflict in society. Muslims were seen as oppressed as they had to leave their country and so the West were tolerant and gave them freedom to create their own communities. This liberty has backfired as these refugees had children who are now in their 20s and 30s, and who have turned against the countries that gave them freedom and a chance to live.

How can streets lined with police stop what they think or what they plan to do? Can a democratic government put limits on some and not others? The answer is no to both, and that’s why no one is to blame except the perpetrators themselves. This latest attack seemed random and rushed. Experts say the only way to prevent and stop these attacks are enhanced intelligence, laws to force internet service providers to shut down sites with propaganda, and laws to force social media to remove accounts and posts that incite and encourage such action. This is a problem that society has allowed to fester, and while people declare they will carry on, so will the terrorists.

So my millennial friends, think twice before you try to cast blame on others for when you were still toddlers (a quarter of a century ago) there were still threats, but the UK was less politically correct where Christmas and Easter were called just that. Now they are called ‘holidays’ to prevent any other faiths from being offended. May has said, “Enough is enough,” and it’s time that people stopped ignoring what they could report as suspicious, and for laws to be introduced to remove these terrorists from society. By that I mean prison, and not to be put on a watch list—these European human rights laws don’t protect the citizens, but enables terrorists. So if you want to blame someone, then blame the ECHR that prevents a country from creating laws to protect its citizens. This is a little too late for those who were murdered in the attacks, or for those who lie injured, but blaming won’t solve what is an ongoing problem. Perhaps we need laws to prosecute those who enable and support them as a deterrent?

While May has her faults, one must look at the targeted cities of Manchester and London; both have a Labour Mayor. How are they handling their cities? I lived in London while Livingstone and Johnson were in charge. In 2005 7/7 occurred under Livingstone and now this happened under Khan’s watch, and in Manchester under Burnham’s watch, so why is no one blaming them? They have control of the local resources, funding and how the city is run and protected. Perhaps people just want to blame those they don’t like rather than those who have the actual responsibility.

As the election campaigning was halted for a day, I would rather the Prime Minister and her cabinet focus on their jobs rather than participate in debates right now. If people can’t see that is logical, maybe they aren’t fit to vote. It’s about choosing the strongest leader for the country, and sadly I cannot see Corbyn who doesn’t know much about his own policies fit to carry out the duties required for the job. I also read with humor those who defended him, saying he has too much to remember and that he can’t be expected to know how much a major policy will cost in relation to being asked how much childcare would cost. Sorry, I don’t think so, and people who feel it’s acceptable are deluded. You can’t apply for a job and pitch for it if you don’t know what you are talking about. Look at Dragon’s Den; contestants that don’t know their figures or market don’t get funding, and job applicants that don’t know what their prospective job entails don’t get hired.

Can we expect more attacks—the answer is yes, because at least 500 potential plots are being investigated. While we as a human race should carry on, the evolution of humanity yet again is stalled while people attack one another needlessly in a bid for power. While Corbyn calls for May to resign, I would be more concerned about people handing power over to someone who doesn’t support a ‘shoot to kill’ policy, and a Home Secretary who isn’t sure how many police they would recruit and how much it would cost. This is an imperfect world, and it’s ironic that Muslims who find liberty and freedom abhorrent, are the ones that have been given these freedoms to choose their beliefs. Can Muslims blame others of being afraid of them if they work with them, move into the area, or even stand near them in a shop? You don’t have to be racist to have concerns, because one has a right to feel safe. How many more attacks will it take for those who do know something to come forward before an attack takes place, for they are as guilty as those who carry them out? Blood is on their hands as well.


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