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Justice for JonBenét Ramsey

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The tragic death of JonBenét Ramsey, 20 years ago today on 26th December has haunted many people, as to who did it and why. A recent documentary headed by retired F.B.I. profiler Jim Clemente, reopened the case, and with the aid of renowned experts took a fresh look at the case. I watched the two-part documentary back to back, and was astonished at how much information had been withheld, and that indeed the Ramsey’s had controlled the investigation, and it seemed the police failed to follow procedures, whether that was for political reasons or incompetence.

Since JonBenét’s death, her mother Patsy, died of cancer, and her father, John remarried. What strikes me as odd is that this is still an open case, but one that no one wishes to solve, and those that do seem to encounter obstacles that would not exist in any other case. Rather than go over the case and speculate, what I saw in the documentary was as some suggested a cover up and an attempt not to solve the case, therefore, denying JonBenét justice. Clemente gained access to witnesses who were never called to testify, including the 911 operator, Kimberly Archuleta, and he and his team recreated the rooms in the house from the crime scene photos. From this, they tried to build up the possible scenarios that led to the murder. The questions that we all are asking and haven’t had answers to are the following, in addition to the lack of protocols involved:

  • If the house was searched, then why didn’t the police officers find the body? The body was eventually found at 1 p.m. after there was no call from the kidnappers and the police officer decided to search the house again. Also, the police should not have been asking potential suspects to help with the search.
  • Why was there only one police officer in attendance, surely there should have been more to canvas the area and to assist with interviews?
  • Why were family and friends allowed to come to the house, as it contaminated the crime scene?
  • People were misled in to thinking John and Patsy Ramsey had given their statements when in fact they didn’t give any statements until several months later. Why didn’t the police follow procedure and take witness statements immediately?
  • Why was the son, Burke allowed to sleep when his sister had been kidnapped, and then found murdered?
  • The original items such as the flashlight that could have been the murder weapon and the rope are available for DNA testing, so why hadn’t that been done as soon as advanced technology was available?
  • The alleged ransom note is too long and detailed to be genuine. The punctuation and paragraphing seems to be too concise for a note that would have been written on the spot. In addition there were multiple attempts, and the pen was replaced where it was usually kept—not the actions of a real kidnapper.
  • How were the Ramseys able to deny the police access to the crime scene to test for DNA and look for evidence? The District Attorney also failed to get search warrants, so what were they hiding? Surely any parent would grant unfettered access if they wanted to find out who killed their child? People deny access when they don’t want to find the truth, or if they are hiding something.
  • The pineapple found in the autopsy wasn’t revealed until much later, and is something those involved in the cover up or murder would not have taken into account. They know she was murdered between 10 p.m. on Christmas Day, and 5.52 a.m. the next morning, and that her Christmas dinner had been digested and had already been passed out. Therefore she ate pineapple sometime after 10 p.m. and was murdered shortly afterwards.
  • The documentary showed attempts at interviewing those in the local community, but no one wanted to talk. What are they afraid of?
  • Why after the grand jury verdict did the District Attorney fail or decide not to indict the Ramseys? In addition, did the District Attorney mislead the public into thinking that the grand jury had decided not to indict?
  • According to Clemente’s documentary, the flashlight found in the home had no fingerprints on it, which is unusual for an item in the home. Was it wiped clean for a reason?
  • Why was the media fed information to presume the murderer was a pedophile or an intruder? There was little evidence of a break in due to the cobweb that was intact on the broken window in the basement. Anyone trying to get in or out would have broken the cobweb, especially as it was dark.

It does appear that many suspected a cover up from the start, but were unable to prove this due to the Ramseys failing to cooperate. How is it possible to get justice for JonBenét? A suggestion was made to test the DNA on the garrote knot, as that would reveal who was involved, as trace DNA would not be found there. So why hasn’t that been done? Why hasn’t John Ramsey demanded that the rope be tested if he wanted to find out who murdered his daughter? This is a tragic case, and the question is whether the family was given preferential treatment by the authorities due to Ramsey’s wealth? There are people that still remain silent, and one can only wonder why. Is it right to protect a killer and deny a victim justice?

JonBenét has been let down by her parents, Alex Hunter (DA), and the justice system. Will the latest District Attorney Stan Garnett be the one to enact justice? Apparently the Colorado F.B.I. will conduct new DNA tests, due to enhanced technology, perhaps due to the recent documentary being shown. We await the results and also whether Garnett will act on them. It’s interesting to note Burke Ramsey has filed a defamation suit against forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz for naming him as the likely murderer. The case will be heard in February, and Dr. Spitz has stated he was expressing an opinion, as were the other members of the team in the documentary. One way to win a defamation case is to reveal the actual murderer, and the onus is on Burke Ramsey to prove that he is innocent of the crime. Maybe this will push people to come out and discuss what was discouraged 20 years ago? An anonymous grand jury member has come forward recently with information of secret evidence; we can only hope that this will finally help gain a conviction and justice for JonBenét.

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