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Jill Stein ~ Another Twist In The US Election

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The actual result is far from over officially that is, and while most people agree that the US election was a two-horse race, what role did the independents play, or did they get in the way of the real battle? Gary Johnson ran for the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein for the Green Party, and were among the ones with the most votes, but did they take away potential blue votes?

Analysts and lawyers are now looking at means to authenticate the votes in some states where there appear to be discrepancies with the data. Some may say that’s just being a sore loser, but given that there has been hacking into the servers of the Democratic Party, hacking into the servers of states that use electronic means to count votes would be possible. In some states a candidate may ask for a recount, and Jill Stein is in the process of doing this. One may ask why isn’t Clinton doing this, but it would add fuel to the fire that she is a bad loser. Perhaps Stein is calling for this on behalf of democracy for the people? However, this action costs money and within a day half the money needed has been raised from a crowdfunding site to fund the actions. There are also deadlines to meet as well as filing and attorney fees:

  • Wisconsin: $1.1 million by Nov 25 (10 votes)
  • Pennsylvania: $0.5 million by Nov 28 (20 votes)
  • Michigan: $0.6 million by Nov 30 (16 votes)

These states were chosen as the figures reported vary considerably from the predicted outcomes, and while that is possible it seems a concern for many. It comes at a time where the Electoral College has been under scrutiny, and while it has adapted over the years, there haven’t been any contemporary changes. In addition, back when the electoral system was devised, all votes were paper votes and now with electronic voting there is room for error, and also the possibility of third part intervention.

In my teens I supported the Green Party as an idealist, and while they have made some progress and campaigned for change, perhaps those supporters can now see the importance of a vote, and that it can lead to the wrong person being elected. People from all parties appear to supporting the campaign, not because they are sore losers, but if there is foul play, it needs to be uncovered. The cost may seem high, but that maybe the price Americans need to pay for freedom, and also a lesson to voters that stayed at home, or those who voted for a write-in candidate that was never going to win.

Should the counts differ, then Trump could lose his majority votes and then other states may come under scrutiny. Perhaps Jill Stein is the heroine of democracy and transparency here because the country doesn’t need any more mud slinging. Clinton is damned if she does ask for a recount and damned if she doesn’t. The states in question have been traditional blue states, and the margin between the two front runners so small, that it could make a difference to the overall outcome. As it’s Thanksgiving, one should also remember that liberty comes at a price, but that people have to work together to maintain it.


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