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December 2017

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It’s nearly the end of the year and it’s been a troublesome couple of months in the world. I prefer to deal in facts, and then let them speak for themselves, so this month I will present facts and then what everyone knows what they really mean, but are reluctant to say. The UK is buying back its freedom at a cost of €40 billion, and that is to just to open negotiations, yet some EU politicians say it’s not enough, which basically means it was all about the money. If anything, it proves that leaving the EU (not Europe) was the right thing, similar to someone divorcing a spouse and asking for more money than they are entitled to and who won’t discuss custody until they get the money they want. Negotiations shouldn’t be about money alone, but it seems that’s all the EU want and not to discuss anything else. I wonder if it was a country like Poland or Estonia (that don’t have that kind of money) wanting to leave, would they get the same treatment and demands?

Then it’s back to the American problem where Mueller has charged Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI, a lesser charge in return for a plea deal. This can only mean he has more information that can lead to further arrests. It’s hard not to watch this happening and not to compare it to a soap opera, but for the fact is that these people are damaging the lives of millions. Suddenly, #45 tweets that he knew of Flynn’s actions, but then people begin to discuss that fact that is an admission that can be used in court against him. In steps one of his lawyers, John Dowd he claims he wrote the tweet the next day. Not many people buy that since the lawyer doesn’t tweet, has never tweeted before, and the simple fact that a lawyer of his experience would not use language like that or openly admit to something publicly. Has Dowd thrown away his career to save his client, and if so has he been bought, for who would ever want to hire someone who is stupid enough to openly admit to what could be construed as an illegal act, and treason?

I’m surprised that no one has told Prince Harry that falling in love quickly is called infatuation, and once the honeymoon period is over (18 months-2 years) then you can call it love. His prospective bride is a divorcee and her own sister calls her a social climber, so while some think it’s wonderfully cute, many look at the facts that paint a more realistic picture of the person. These are the facts and you can decide:

  • A humanitarian cares about others, especially their family and helps them in times of need. Both her parents filed for bankruptcy in the past 2 years (small figures), yet it doesn’t appear she came to their aid. Surely that is what a humanitarian does or at least help out another family member, compared to being photographed with starving children?
  • She divorced her husband (a lesser known TV producer) citing distance, yet the main stars of the show (with more air time and hectic schedules) are married and made it work. If distance was an issue, then how can you compare moving to a different continent (at the taxpayers expense) compared to a 5 hour flight (Harry’s wealth comes from his inheritance from his mother, whose money came from her divorce, that came from money that came from the tax payer)?
  • At the time of meeting Harry she was dating a celebrity chef. Is it a case of trading up to a more famous and wealthier partner as the pattern reveals? If Harry was a soap opera actor or waiter in a restaurant, would she have moved country and stopped working to be near him to make sure no other woman could get him (an old tactic women use to make sure they keep their man)?
  • There is nothing wrong in having plastic surgery as long as you admit to it, the photos speak for themselves…lying however, I do have a problem with. I’ll hold up my hand and admit I dye my hair and my eyelashes are fake!

Like many, I feel this is over hyped as a non-event and I can’t understand why young women are aspiring to be like her? If anything, she is something you shouldn’t aspire to be like a Kardashian or someone who has questionable morals and motives. Facts don’t lie, but it’s how you choose to perceive them. Naturally people can change, but many only change on their deathbeds or when tragedy forces them to. That’s human nature, for few people do change except out of necessity.

Climate change is real, and it’s affecting the wildlife. Recently, National Geographic videoed a polar bear dying from starvation because it can no longer find food in its own natural habitat and was forced o look through bins for food on land. Sadly, the bear was dying in front of the camera crew who could do nothing. Feeding them is illegal, but it’s not just a matter of giving some food, but what about the next meal, and how would it survive after they had fed it?

Another example are the Adélie baby penguins that starved to death in Antarctica because their parents couldn’t find food in the ice, due to a glacier breaking up back in 2010 that affected the oceans. They were forced further afield to find food and by the time they returned, the chicks, bar two had died out of a colony of 40,000. This disturbs me the most as we witness the destruction of nature, and we humans have had a part in it. Yes, we do realize it, and while we can’t stop glaciers from breaking up, what we can do is acknowledge the damage we have done and stop any further damage from occurring. I’m by no means a green campaigner; I do what I can and recycle, and I don’t waste things, but when you see innocent animals dying due to human actions, then it’s time to act and stop pretending that humans aren’t destroying the planet or that we have no responsibility because we do.

As Christmas approaches, there is the commercialism versus the giving sides again. Christmas is about the act of giving, and is not what you give or how much it’s worth, but the thought given. I know many people get tired of hearing this, but I’ve seen people say they can’t afford things or to give, yet they can find the money for what they really want. I no longer buy gifts, just token gestures for others having worked in retail for several seasons, sadly it has dampened my spirit. Why? It’s all about targets and if you didn’t hit your targets or at least do last years figures then you’d be out of a job in January. You can see why a job in retail can scar you for life, and I still cringe when I hear Christmas songs in a store.

I’m hoping 2018 will be a better year for the world, and in January there will be two Supermoons, and a Blue Moon—let’s hope it brings with it some great changes! I know world peace isn’t possible right now, but a world where people can at least live without fear of war breaking out due the heads of countries having a falling out on social media is possible. I use Twitter off and on, but are they crossing a line by deciding who to ban, and what tweets are acceptable? They are entitled to create their own rules, but when they are inconsistent they lose any credibility they had. One day history will judge them harshly for what they chose not to do when they had the choice.

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