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Covfefe And The Start Of Summer Madness

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Officially half of 2017 is upon us and the world is still in a bit of a mess. There’s no beating about the bush here because it’s a fact, and the worst part is that many of us know this and it’s still falling on deaf ears. Will it take another war and the death of a generation for people to work together to save humanity?

British Airways used to be one of the best airlines; then bit by bit they cut away at the things that made them worth flying. The last time I used them I had to pay a card fee for my transaction—the taxes as I used my airmiles, while Virgin (my choice now) has scrapped their fees. The simple fact is that people have to use a card, because of the cost of flights, and everyone is advised to use a credit card to protect themselves. A large company such as BA can afford to absorb those costs surely. Next was the staffing cuts, and you wouldn’t know about this unless you knew someone who worked in the industry, and the killer was the withdrawal of meals on flights of less than 5 hours. On short haul you have to pay for your own cup of tea and snack now! The meals were never really free, but included in the price, so you may as well fly EasyJet now.

However, a little known cut back was to fire all the IT department and outsource it to India which could have been responsible for the cancellation of flights for nearly three days over the May bank holiday. The CEO, Cruz says it was a power surge issue, but three days? No one believes him and he says the cuts and outsourcing had nothing to do with it. British Airways was pretty much a mess for most of the May bank holiday weekend when it occurred. I have a friend in security who told me that the airline weren’t even offering water to the stranded passengers and it was Pret a Manger (a sandwich chain) that were offering people free refreshments. I’m not sure how a company can operate when they have no solution to the problem coupled with appalling customer service. I say it was bad as passengers were given yoga mats to sleep on in the airport, and no one was told what was happening. When you try to increase profits and make cuts, it comes back to bite you and this has. The company needs a CEO that understands customer service and not cuts, as Munoz from United Airlines is slowly realizing after what is possibly the worst PR disaster an airline could ever encounter. I’d rather Cruz just own up to the truth because no one, even IT experts believe him, or he has outsourced to incompetents. That isn’t what people pay for, and isn’t outsourcing for companies that can’t afford to keep staff? Not what I expect from an international company, but a startup outsourcing would be acceptable. I think Cruz’s pants are on fire.

What exactly is COVFEFE? Well, no one really knows as #45 was mid tweet and either he fell asleep as he hit enter, or someone confiscated his phone and he fought and hit enter as they pulled it off him. One can only laugh, but this is serious—should a world leader (and I use the term lightly because it’s a fact that one struggles with) be making public declarations that aren’t vetted and checked? It took six hours before it was deleted, perhaps that’s when he woke up, or someone in the White House spotted it and woke him up. For an administration that is supposed to be around the clock, they must have been napping. What is worse is that they can’t admit it was a mistake, or Spicer (who still has a job at the time of writing) says it’s meaning is known to a small handful of people. For those who don’t know, we think he was trying to spell ‘coverage’. Perhaps a dictionary would be a nice gift for his next birthday? Sorry, no one buys it and another man in charge whose pants are on fire.

The 42nd G7 summit came and went, and yes we need them to make sure there is no war and that everyone is trying to save the planet and humanity—that is except for #45 who represents America. When he tweeted he would decide on the Paris Accord later we all knew that it meant a ‘no’ and so when he finally announced his decision it was no surprise. Whenever someone says they have to think about something, it usually means ‘no’ and they just don’t want to tell you to your face and have to explain themselves. It’s like when you want to end a relationship; you say that you’ll see how things go when that really means you will look for the safest time to leave, generally when you have packed your bags and changed your phone number.

The sun is getting stronger, but it’s humidity I struggle with. Thank goodness I’m not in Boston or New York this summer, where one literally drips. When I can’t breathe, I get grumpy and I burn too, while others faint or get swollen ankles. I liberally smear on the sunscreen (always wear it if you want to prevent wrinkles, sunburn, and cancer— make sure you remember your hands and feet too) and carry a pack of wet wipes to keep me feeling fresh. There’s nothing worse than tan lines on your ankles and toes, or ring or watch marks that take weeks to get rid of, or feeling sticky and sweaty…

Back in blighty, the election campaign continues and I have to shake my head at some ideas that are so improbable and downright silly. The Greens have come up with an idea of making everything free from the NHS to education, and social care by taxing the wealthy, not dissimilar to the Labour party whose leader couldn’t come up how much it would cost to fund childcare, and was seen calculating things on his tablet and flicking through the manifesto. His response was ‘Get back to me later.’ Is that good enough for someone who wants to lead the country in a week? Meanwhile UKIP want to bring back the death penalty for terrorists, I mean what is that about? The death penalty is for backward countries and as most of them are suicide bombers, life doesn’t really seem to matter to them anyhow. The Conservatives idea of reforming how social care is to be funded needs to be worked on as in the raw format it could create more red tape, and the Liberal Democrats could be confused with the Raving Loony Party when you watch the leader rant and rave.

At least there is a bit of sun out now, and people always seem a little happier when there is more daylight, plus there is no longer a courgette shortage. This weekend sees a benefit concert called One Love in aid of the victims of the Manchester bombing headed by Ariana Grande. Sadly ticket touts have been at it again as tickets sold out within 20 minutes, with people trying to sell them on eBay for extortionate prices, and probably some fraudulent ones. Why and how people can do this I don’t know, and that’s the problem with society. People don’t think twice about harming others for their own gain, and that’s why the world is a bit of a mess.

June is the start of summer—the season of sun and sand, however, I used to hate summer as a child, and it’s still my most hated month. Instead of hitting the beach I will hibernate and write as much as I can somewhere cool, sipping lemonade and mustering up the willpower to see if I can really follow the low carb diet by Rose Elliot. Yes, it’s the season for bikini diets too, as many people starve themselves to look good in shorts, short-sleeved tops, and swimwear. I’ve already turned the corners pages of the recipes that I can realistically manage to cook, and I know I will eat. In the meantime I will slather on my SPF50 more carefully, and wait for autumn (fall) to hurry on up.



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