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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Goodbye To August

As we say goodbye to August, we also say goodbye to Gene Wilder (the one and only Willy Wonka) who died today aged 83. In the US the two main parties have officially elected their candidates for the Presidency; Hilary Clinton for the Democrats, and Donald Trump for the Republicans—no surprise in that result. The

From The Editor's Perspective

A Week In British Politics

The past seven days will go down in history as one of the most significant weeks in politics and how the UK changed, as each day brought new challenges. Today also marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme—the bloodiest war of WWI, where 20,000 British Empire soldiers lost their

What’s Happening In The World In May 2016?

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the USA, and is a Bank Holiday in the UK. It’s the time of year that everyone expects the summer to actually begin, and people stock up on barbecue foods, and dig out their camping and hiking gear. However, for many the world is still in turmoil; only

2016 So Far…

2016 is proving to be a year of great change—In Europe, the potential Brexit that will shake up the structure of the EU, the elections for the 45th President of the USA will be cast later, as the Democratic and Republican parties are still deciding on their candidates, the terrorist activities involving ISIS continue, and

Spotlight on Humanity

Why A Reputation Is Priceless

Never underestimate the value of a reputation—it’s something money cannot buy, nor can status. The famous, the titled, and the incredibly wealthy can lose their reputation with a single careless or foolish act, or with an ill-timed or inappropriate comment. Some do manage to lie low and then bounce back, but your reputation is something

Saving Hank and Helen Kawecki

Today, Helen Kawecki celebrates her 88th birthday, yet the home she thought she would live in for the rest of her life has been taken away through her grandson’s betrayal. Becoming homeless and being penniless at 88 years of age, from being scammed by your own grandson was far from either Hank or Helen’s minds

Big Brother From A Game Theory Perspective

Big Brother is a potentially psychologically damaging reality game show, which started off in the Netherlands and has versions all around the world. The basic premise is to put a group of strangers in a house with no access to the outside world, no pens, paper, books, phones, television, magazines and the like to see

Remembering The 7/7 Terrorist Attack On London

On Thursday, July 7 2005, the city of London experienced a series of attacks from four suicide bombers on buses, and the London Underground. Fifty-two people died and more than 700 were injured in what was considered the first Islamic terrorist attack in the UK. It’s one of those days you remember exactly where you


Why Was Junko Furuta Denied True Justice?

On January 4 1989, Junko Furuta died at the hands of four teenage boys who kidnapped her on November 25 1988, as she walked home from school in Misato, Tokyo in Japan that afternoon. For forty-four days they tortured her, raped her, stubbed cigarettes out on her, and beat her. What is more horrifying as

The Legacy Of Bridget Bishop

On 10 June, it will be the 324th anniversary marking the illegal hanging of Bridget Oliver Bishop; the first person to be hanged during the Salem Witch Trials fiasco. Back in 1692 the death penalty was considered normal, however, the manner of the trial itself was flawed, biased, and during a time when colonial power

The Murder Of Meredith Kercher: Justice Denied?

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher, (Mez) would have been celebrating her 30th birthday on 28 December 2015. However, she was brutally murdered in Perugia, Italy on 1 November 2007 while she was on an exchange from the University of Leeds in the UK. Although one person has been found guilty of her murder, it is unknown